Aras Pranckevicius a.k.a NeARAZ
The same day he got his first ZX Spectrum, Aras wrote some mosaic-drawing program. Apparently that left him impressed and since then then he basically is a realtime graphics maniac.
Aras has worked in a couple of software companies, with works ranging from databases/web to motion recognition to videogames. Somehow he also got Master's degree in computer science from the local university, has a nice family and right now works as a graphics programmer at Unity Technologies, making sure the Unity game engine works and can produce pretty pixels.

Just because he can, Aras also has a website:

Projects of Aras Pranckevicius

Paulius Liekis a.k.a OneHalf
Paulius Liekis after working long time on games and computer vision systems at InteraMotion LLC. became a developer of Stock market analysis systems at NFQ. He is having a long holidays now and looking for opportunities to work abroad on computer graphics. He has dedicated his master work and recent couple years for computer graphics and demos. On a free time he is playing with web design, demos and training his personal neural networks to master BMX tricks.

Projects of Paulius Liekis

Renaldas Zioma a.k.a ReJ
Renaldas Zioma is working on the rendering systems for the next-gen consoles in a R&D team at Digital Illusions. In the past he led the development of the technology for real-time strategy title developed by WireframeDreams back in Lithuania, as well done some previous-gen console development, sensor-less motion recognition software, and even coded a couple of small games using ZX Spectrum assembly when he was a kid. Currently he is wasting his spare time by rendering things on homebrew PSP devkit and Amiga1200. Otherwise he would go hiking! He has previously published articles in ShaderX 2, ShaderX 4 and AI Game Programming Wisdom 3.

Projects of Renaldas Zioma

Valdemaras Bucilka a.k.a simple
Valdemaras Bucilka became interested in computers and electronics just as he got his ZX Spectrum. Later learnt Z80 assembler, began doing graphics, programming games while simultaneously upgrading speccy hardware by himself. In 2002 graduated from Kaunas Technology University and received BS degree in Electronics. Recently he has finished 3D fighting game demo based on real-time motion recognition for Interamotion, LLC, working as engine and game programmer; currently developing PlayStation games as a contractor for Ivolgamus, UAB. Spare-time interests include demos, game related events in Lithuania, electronics and foreign languages.

Projects of Valdemaras Bucilka

Viktoras Jucikas a.k.a Viktoras Jucikas
Viktoras is a co-founder at YPlan and serves as its Chief Technology Officer. Viktoras manages all aspects of Product, Engineering and Data Science at YPlan. Previously Viktoras was Executive Director at Goldman Sachs, where he has spent over 6 years working on Fund Derivatives, Global Macro Proprietary and Equity Exotics and Hybrids desks, focusing on pricing and risk management systems for financial derivatives. Viktoras graduated from Jacobs University Bremen with an MSc in Computational Sciences and Kaunas University of Technology with a BSc in Computer Science. Viktoras has won Seedhack FinTech’12, was quarter-finalist of Google Code Jam’04 and semi-finalist of ACM ICPC’02.

Projects of Viktoras Jucikas