Augmented Reality Challenge
2011 Feb 15 [OneHalf]
GameJam 2009
2009 Feb 01 [OneHalf]
Nesnausk! has organized LTGameJam 2009 which is a part of Global Game Jam.
2007 Apr 09 [OneHalf]
Nesnausk! presents new demo: Zenit. This demo took 2nd place at combined demo competintion of The Gathering computer party.
"LT tapatybe" award
2006 Feb 14 [OneHalf]
Nesnausk! was one of the three nominees for "LT tapatybe" award in category of young people (up to the age of 35). This award is given to persons and organisations that best represented Lithuania in the world during the year 2005. We did not win though :(
Mass media about Imagine Cup
2005 Aug 12 [NeARAZ]
There's lots of press/tv going on about our demo in.out.side: the shell. Lithuania is a small country, any event gathers lots of attention :)
Imagine Cup 2005 results
2005 Jun 30 [OneHalf]
Results of Imagine Cup 2005 were announced. Nesnausk! demo in.out.side: the shell took 1st-2nd place (a tie). We're going to the finals in Yokohama, Japan!
in.out.side: the shell
2005 May 30 [OneHalf]
A new demo: in.out.side: the shell. This demo is participating in Microsoft's Imagine Cup 2005 realtime rendering competition.
Breakthrough performance
2005 Apr 10 [OneHalf]
Syntonic Dentiforms by nesnausk! recieved a breakthrough performance 2004 award.
Microsoft conference
2005 Feb 23 [OneHalf]
Nesnausk! (Paulius and Aras) made a presentation about Imagine Cup at Microsoft conference in Kaunas University of Technology. Paulius presented what Imagine Cup is and Aras talked about Visual Gaming category and our "3D viewer" for it. award nominees
2005 Feb 16 [OneHalf]
Nominees of awards were just announced. Syntonic Dentiforms was nominated for breakthrough performance award. Final results will be announced at Breakpoint'05 demo party in March.
Demos in "Studijos 2005"
2005 Feb 14 [OneHalf]
Demos of Nesnausk! were shown at "Studijos 2005" exibition in Vilnius.
Demos on a magazine
2005 Jan 24 [OneHalf]
Our demos were published on the latest "Naujoji Komunikacija" magazine. OneHalf and NeARAZ prepared a list 'recommended' of demos for people who are unfamiliar with demoscene, so list of published demos was:
Our demos: Other demos:
Nesnausk! at Technorama
2004 Nov 26 [OneHalf]
Nesnausk! (OneHalf and NeARAZ) participated in Technorama exhibition with their demos. There was a competition too, somehow we took the second place :)
DemoShow at "Didi" festival
2004 Nov 25 [OneHalf]
OneHalf and NeARAZ made a presentation about demoscene at "Didi" festival. We shorty introduced demos and demoscene, told a little bit about the history of it and the types of demos. After that some 20 "best of all" demos were shown.
Demo 612 at Bitfilm, Germany
2004 Nov 08 [OneHalf]
Demo 612 participated in the fifth Bitfilm festival which was held in Hamburg, Germany.
Project Hoshimi
2004 Nov 02 [OneHalf]
Nesnausk! participated in organizing Microsoft's Imagine Cup 2005. We made "3D previewer" for Visual Gaming category (also known as Project Hoshimi).
Demoshow at InfoBalt
2004 Oct 27 [OneHalf]
Last week me (OneHalf) and NeARAZ participated in InfoBalt - the largest anual IT exhibition in Baltic States. We were showing our demos (demo 612, the fly, syntonic dentiforms and secret government thing) and about 50 "best of all" demos.
2004 Oct 26 [OneHalf]
We released a fun project - MainSweeper, clone of the popular and well known game MineSweeper.
Syntonic Dentiforms in Canada
2004 Oct 22 [OneHalf]
Our demo Syntonic Dentiforms was shown at a demoshow in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It was selected by organizers among other 18 recent demos. Here is a little poster for the event.
Demo viewing party
2004 Oct 11 [OneHalf]
nesnausk! made a presentation about demoscene at Centras4 international multimedia/music festival. We had 30 minutes, so OneHalf shortly told what demoscene is about and showed a couple of demos:
One more demo...
2004 Aug 11 [OneHalf]
2nd in worldwide finals
2004 Jul 15 [OneHalf]
'The Fly' took 2nd place in Microsoft's Imagine Cup realtime rendering competition.
The Fly
2004 May 26 [OneHalf]
Our new demo 'The Fly' is participating in Microsoft's Imagine Cup contest, so don't hesitate and vote for us (or for any other demo you like...).
Demo 612 again
2004 Apr 17 [OneHalf]
We are proud to anounce that Demo 612 took 1st place in online demo competition at Synthesis'04.
Syntonic Dentiforms
2004 Apr 14 [OneHalf]
Demo Syntonic Dentiforms participated in Breakpoint'04 (Germany).
Demo 612
2004 Feb 24 [OneHalf]
Our new project Demo 612 is finally online - it was shown at Synthesis'04 this weekend.
Programming contest
2004 Feb 09 [OneHalf]
Members of Nesnausk! team took part in annual online programming contest BitWise2k4 and finished up being 27th out of 405 participated teams (rankings).
2004 Jan 08 [OneHalf]
After long time hidding in a secret place we reveal our secret project: the remake of R-Type. It was hidden probably too much, so it isn't finished yet, but we have hope that the day will come... Read more about it and see screenshots of it's current state at projects section.
2003 Nov 18 [OneHalf]
We started moderating from October of 2003. You can visit it at: (it's in lithuanian language) or read a bit about it at our projects section.
Aras is a winner!
2003 Nov 04 [OneHalf]
Aras won first place at Beyond3D / ATI DirectX9 Shader Competition. You can find more info about it Beyond3D. Some more info is available at NeARAZ home page.
2003 Jul 08 [OneHalf]
New project - ffKorez is available! Check it out at or at our projects section.
2003 Jun 06 [OneHalf]
Second LTGameJam is is available. Check it out at or in our projects section.
2003 Apr 18 [OneHalf]
Nesnausk! online!:)