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'Evil!' 8MB PC demo
2002 March

This demo was shown at Mekka&Symposium'2002 in Germany. It features some advanced graphical effects like volume lighting, toon-shading, hatching, real-time reflections, flocking birds and bears :) It was built using early stage of InteraFighter engine.

Demo requires GeForce class 3D card (needed: render-targets, cube-mapping and dot3; on cards that don't support these features demo falls to reduced version). Note that it's a party version, so it was mostly tested on GeForce2/GeForce3 and Windows98/WindowsXP.

Can be downloaded from:

Were involved:

  • Aras Pranckevicius - dynamic geometry (metaballs, particles, spherical harmonics), music code, assembling final product.
  • Paulius Liekis - boids (birds flocks).
  • Renaldas Zioma - engine, graphical effects (volume lighting, realtime CSG, cel shading, hatching, etc), resource management, simple 3D modeling, assembling final prod.

Screenshots (click image to enlarge) :

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