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'Bzhykt' 64Kb intro
2002 March

This intro was shown at Mekka&Symposium'2002. It features painter-style rendering and hatching effects, spiders and horrible music ;). Intro was built from scratch in 10 days.

Requirements are the same as for 'Evil' demo. This is also a party version, so it is viewed best on PC with GeForce.

Can be downloaded from:

Were involved:

  • Aras Pranckevicius - engine, terrain generator, texture generator, l-system trees and assembling final product.
  • Paulius Liekis - textured spiders with physically correct legs movement and partial flock behavior.
  • Renaldas Zioma - graphical effects (painter-style rendering, hatching, toon-shading), assembling final product.
  • Valdemaras Bucilka - sound code, sound sample generator, animations code, geometry generation.

Screenshots (click image to enlarge) :

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