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2003 Oct - present is a website, which purpose is to give people who never heard of demos or intros a little introduction to the demoscene. was exsisting before we started moderating it, but it was dedicated for sceners (demos and intros creators). After NeARAZ made presentation about demoscene (and some demos and intros) at Centras3 (exibition of multimedia artwork in Lithuania), we understood that there is lack of information about such art as demos and intros in lithuanian, so we decided to change orientation of and to put more info for people, who have no idea what demos and intros are. contains info about demoscene history, evoliution, groups, parties and competitions. Also some reviews of parties and demos, which should be seen by everyone who is interested in demoscene. News and reviews are updated once in a while.

Were involved:

  • Aras Pranckevicius - writing texts about DemoScene.
  • Paulius Liekis - desingning graphics and imlementing web page. Writing texts about DemoScene. Writing reviews about demos and intros.

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