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R-Type remake
2002 Nov-Dec

Side scrolling shooter with subtle 3D twist, was inspired by the original R-Type game. The game isn't currently in development, but we hope to finish it one day (on our spare time). The latest game build features 3D levels with animated parts, per-poly collision for complex animated geometry (using OPCODE library developed by Pierre Terdiman for per-poly collision detection), different types of enemies, 5 types of different weapons, day-and-night cycle, particle effects for weapons, engines, explosions and etc.

Were involved:

  • Aras Pranckevicius - level data loaders and exporters from Maya.
  • Denis Akoronka - designing, modeling, texturing, levels design and additional Maya scripts.
  • Paulius Liekis - designing and implementing various particle effects (smoke, plasma, explosions and other), scripting engine.
  • Renaldas Zioma - tech. design, implementing game logic, game entities, keyframe animations, simple visibility and collision code, rendering code, VertexShaders code.
  • Valdemaras Bucilka - implementing data track interpolators, UI.

Screenshots (click image to enlarge) :

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