Evil! PC demo

A weird demo, showing no storyline, no particular style, some bugs and a (rather uncorellated) bunch of scenes and effects.

This demo was shown at Mekka&Symposium'2002 in Germany.

Can be downloaded from scene.org (8MB).


  • Aras: dynamic geometry (metaballs, particles, spherical harmonics), music code, assembling final product.
  • Paulius: boids (birds flocks).
  • Renaldas: engine, graphical effects (volume lighting, realtime CSG, cel shading, hatching, etc), resource management, simple 3D modeling, assembling final prod.

  1. “Real time reflections” kinda thing. Actually it’s one dynamic cubemap per sphere, so everything is rendered 6*3+1=19 times.
  2. Look for the shafts of light… Render many alpha blended spheres and in this onion-like way get something that looks like volumetric light.
  3. CSG (constructive solid geometry) thing. The shot isn’t very good: it should show that through the blue-thing you see spheres subtracted from the cube. Actually it’s just fiddling with Z-buffer and culling modes.
  4. Hatched bear.
  5. Flocking birds (boids).
  6. A bit of random sphere manipulations - sines and cosines.
  7. 2D metaball-like thingie.

And some “development phase” shots - can’t be seen in the final demo: