Paparazzi (2010)
An augmented reality game for Qualcomm’s 2010 Augmented Reality Developer Challenge.

Project Hoshimi (2004)
A 3D previewer" for Visual Gaming category of Microsoft’s Imagine Cup 2005.

ffKorez (2003)
A 3D space shooter game by Paulius.

LTGameJam'03 (2003)
Second-ever game jam in Lithuania.

PSX: Boulder Dash and Exolon (2002)
Two game demos for PlayStation 1.

R-Type Remake (2002)
A side-scrolling 3D shooter.

LTGameJam'02 (2002)
Second-ever game jam in the world!


Black Hole (2020)
PC demo for Field-FX'20 (1st place).

Submissive Retrogression (2014)
Amiga AGA 1kb intro for Datastorm'14 in Sweden (5th place).

Zenit (2007)
PC demo for The Gathering'07 in Norway (2nd place).

in.out.side: the shell (2005)
PC demo for Microsoft’s ImagineCup competition (1st place).

Secret Government Thing / ImagineCup'05 invitation (2004)
PC demo/invitation shown at Assembly'04 in Finland (14th place).

The Fly (2004)
PC demo for Microsoft’s ImagineCup competition (2nd place).

Syntonic Dentiforms (2004)
PC demo for Breakpoint'04 in Germany (6th place).

Demo 612 (2004)
PC demo for Synthesis'04 in France (6th place). (2003-2007)
Demoscene overview and demo/intro reviews website.

bzhykt (2002)
PC 64 kilobyte intro, shown at Mekka&Symposium'2002.

Evil! (2002)
PC demo, shown at Mekka&Symposium'2002.