What it is all about?
'Nesnausk!' is a group of enthusiasts interested in game development and computer graphics. Or, well, it was at some point, until we all got Real Jobs(tm) and went on to create other great things. By now this website is mostly for historical purposes.

What members of 'Nesnausk!' are doing?
developing games and graphics demos on various platforms (projects.php)
contributing to the Lithuanian demoscene (demo.scene.lt)
organizing LTGameJam events (ltgamejam.org)
actively participating in IGDA Lithuanian chapter meetings (www.igda.org/lithuania)
...and just having digital fun (well, everybody except NeARAZ, he likes candies more)

How everything started?
The very idea of 'Nesnausk!' was brought up in legendary times by Laurynas Stancikas and Liutauras Ulevicius as extra computer science related lessons and experience exchange at Gymnasium of Kaunas University of Technology. There were classes on GNU/Linux, C/C++ programming, computer graphics, algorithms etc.
Later on, most of the members got seriously interested in computer graphics, game development and similar things. You're observing the website of the result!
Augmented Reality Challenge
2011 Feb 15
GameJam 2009
2009 Feb 01
Nesnausk! has organized LTGameJam 2009 which is a part of Global Game Jam.
2007 Apr 09
Nesnausk! presents new demo: Zenit. This demo took 2nd place at combined demo competintion of The Gathering computer party.
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