IndieGamJam inspired the analogous event in Lithuania - small team develops engine that pushes PC to its limits in specific area and bigger group of developers. during the short period of time (i.e. 2 days) write small games on a given engine.

Custom optimized engine was built for this event, which is capable of processing and rendering 100k game entities approximately at 30fps (on fast PC with DDR RAM and GeForce2).

During the event, which took 2 days, 11 programmers and 2 graphics artists built 10 games.

Can be downloaded from

  • Aras: design, engine, entity management, terrain, billboard rendering, documentation ant tutorial, site development, ‘Politics for Masses’ and ‘Forest’ games.
  • Denis: textures and sprites painting, mesh modeling.
  • Paulius: ‘Dievoieska’ and ‘Dilbert vs Dogbert’ games.
  • Renaldas: design, render engine, animations code, entity collisions code, resource management, UML diagrams, ‘AntMaster9000’ and ‘Invaders40000’ games.
  • Valdemar: ‘g64’ game.
  • Viktoras: ‘Dievoieska’ game.