R-Type remake

Side scrolling shooter with a subtle 3D twist, was inspired by the original R-Type game. The latest game build features 3D levels with animated parts, per-poly collision for complex animated geometry (using OPCODE library for per-poly collision detection), different types of enemies, 5 types of different weapons, day-and-night cycle, particle effects for weapons, engines, explosions and etc.

  • Aras: level data loaders and exporters from Maya.
  • Denis: designing, modeling, texturing, levels design and additional Maya scripts.
  • Paulius: designing and implementing various particle effects (smoke, plasma, explosions and other), scripting engine.
  • Renaldas: tech. design, implementing game logic, game entities, keyframe animations, simple visibility and collision code, rendering code, VertexShaders code.
  • Valdemar: implementing data track interpolators, UI.