ffKorez is a kill-bots-in-the-arena style 3D space shooter developed in 2002-2003 by Paulius Liekis. ffKorez is based on an engine made by Nesnausk! team.

ffKorez shares the same engine with game R-Type3D and demo Evil, which includes following: pipeline setup, rendering code with shaders support, particle system (with plugable physics and renderers), input code, resource management, game entities support and GUI system. Due to the modular architecture of the engine ffKorez uses custom modules for visibility, collision detection and physics.

More info, screenshots and demo is available at ffKorez web site.

  • Paulius: collision detection module based on octtree with custom per-poly algorithm for exact collision detection. GUI module. Designing and implementing particle effects: smoke, lens flares, laser beams, explosions and other eye candies. Implementing game logic. Sketching/designing, modeling and texturing spaceships, maps and other 3d graphics. Making desing of GUI system. Implementing AI (very basic). Making this web page. Doing all other game related stuff which I forgot to mention here.
  • Aras: particle systems code.
  • mRenaldas: pipeline, rendering, particle systems, input code and framework use consulting ;)
  • Valdemar: resource managment code.