Game development and design event, successor of the LTGameJam'02, which in turn was inspired by IndieGameJam

  • a small team develops specific engine and bigger group of developers during the short period of time (i.e. 2 days) write small games on that engine. This time the theme was “physics, cars and stuff”.

A “full-fledged” engine was developed, having fancy buzzwords like “modular”, “object-oriented”, “DirectX9”, “physics”, “component/entity framework” etc.

16 programmers created 10 games during the 2+ days.

Main page:

  • Aras: ‘Air Freak’, ‘Bugaboo’, ‘Piong’ and ‘Sphere Race’ games.
  • Paulius: ‘Capture The Ball’ game.
  • Renaldas: ‘Air Freak’ and ‘Botasaurus’ games.
  • Valdemar: ‘Bitch Drive’ game.