Augmented reality game, which took 1st place at Qualcomm’s 2010 Augmented Reality Developer Challenge.

With Paparazzi we wanted to take users beyond where augmented reality applications are now. We saw two big problems in the available AR software:

  • AR world is lost once you turn away from the marker. We made it possible to take camera away from the marker and continue playing, and then return without interrupting the game. We did this by combining two technologies: marker detection and accelerometer for off-marker experience. We believe that synergy of technologies (markers, accelerometer, GPS and so on) will lead to most interesting AR applications.
  • AR world barely involves the player and in most cases - they just use camera to observe AR world. In order to improve that we tried to convert your phone into a connection to the AR world - the phone is not just something you view AR world with - your phone exists in the AR world too and the character senses it and even can jump on it. We created a vivid character which instead of being controlled by buttons reacts to your presence and actions. We want you to look at AR world from the various angles and positions - success in the game depends on that.

Check out homepage at, or a video at youtube.

Were involved:

  • Paulius Liekis: code, 2d art.
  • Arminas Didžiokas: models, animations.