in.out.side: the shell is an entry to Imagine Cup 2005 Rendering Invitational and as such, it's a program that displays 3D computer graphics images and plays audio. All rendering is performed in real-time and can be interactive.

in.out.side: the shell tells a story about breaking the boundaries between individual person and the outside world. It tells that while our own private "inside" world may be nice and polished, we're still trapped in it. By breaking the shell of our own self we can discover the outside world; the world which may be much more complex, rough and not that nice. However, there we can discover whole new worlds (among them, other persons) and become free (=not trapped inside our own shell).

The message we want to tell is: Be free to discover your self, your time and the world around you. Break the boundaries.

The demo is implemented as both a non-interactive realtime rendered film and an interactive user experience. The non-interactive version shows the whole scenario; however, at any time the user can go to "interactive mode": look around, walk and experiment with breaking the boundaries (= the walls) himself. The interactive part shows off the power of realtime rendering and physics simulation; such thing won't be possible in a prerendered movie or animation.

From the technical side, we use many modern computer graphics techniques, like normal mapping, ambient occlusion, realtime soft shadows, blurry reflections and fullscreen postprocessing effects.

in.out.side: the shell is made by team called nesnausk! that consists of the following individuals:

  • Antanas Balvocius - animations, 3D models,
  • Aras Pranckevicius - programming, technology, some artwork,
  • Paulius Liekis - 3D models, textures, effects,
  • Raimundas Juska - music and sound effects.