Various findings


We were literally acting while discussing the scenario! :)

It was like this: ok, now the guy thinks a bit, then walks to the wall and looks inside. Then we'd think how many seconds of animation that could be... five or ten? The best way to find out is to try: [start the timer] ok, I'm the guy; now I think here, now I walk... I look inside... [stop the timer] gee, 7 seconds!

We'd discuss placement in a similar way: hey, this room is roughly the size of the room in the demo. you'll be the main character, now I'm the second one, I stand here and look at you; you please stand here... ouch, there's a table in here; ok, you would stand where the table is.


There were times when we'd describe scenario like now the guy is puzzled or now he's interested what's inside. While acting, we'd naturally express those emotions with facial expressions mostly. The problem is... our character has no face! Or, more correctly, he has nothing on his face - no eyes, nose, mouth or eyebrows! We'll see if we managed to get his body animation expressive enough to compensate for the lack of facial expressions :)

Alternative endings

Right now the story ends like this: the guy opens the door and finds the new world and the new people there. There could be lots of alternative endings, like: On the other side there's a door. The character rushes towards the door...
...and the door prompts: "Sign in with your .NET passport to access the outer world!"
Gee, we'd cover the "technology" part in ImagineCup theme with such a story also! :)

Who does what

At first, we thought Antanas would animate the main character, Paulius would do all the rest of the artwork and Aras would do programming stuff.

We ended up with this: Paulius learned subdivision style modelling from Antanas; Antanas did some models and all animations; Aras did UV mapping and some of the textures; and the programming part is somewhat lagging behind right now.

Now we're trying to catch up with programming :)

Note: this was written on 30th March 2005, right now we're already finished with programming of course!