Download in.out.side: the shell:

  • demo (50MB)
  • video capture of the demo (34MB xvid) and the interactive part (9MB xvid), for those who have old hardware (beware though, the music is very low quality)


  • DirectX 9.0c runtime installed.
  • Video card that supports pixel shaders 2.0 and has at least 64MB memory
    • Radeon 9500 or GeForce FX5200 minimum.
    • Radeon 9800, GeForce 6600 or better recommended, with 128MB.
    • On slower cards or 64MB ones, don't go to very high resolutions; use 1024x768 or 800x600 or even 640x480 for the very low-end.
    • On GeForce6800 or Radeon X800, use high resolutions and turn on anti-aliasing. It should look good!
    Tested and seems to work on:
    • GeForce 6800, 6600, 6200, FX5900, FX5700.
    • Radeon X800, 9800, 9700, 9600, 9550, 9500.
  • Something like a 2GHz CPU.
  • Somewhat recent video card drivers.



  • Comments at here.
  • Full demo and engine sourcecode here (direct link to downloads here).